6 Things You Might Not Know About 2014 ACM Awards Performer Toby Keith

6 Things You Might Not Know about ACMs Performer Toby Keith

Throughout his career, Toby Keith has forged his way to the top of the country music charts with a canon of hits ranging from the catchy party tune “Red Solo Cup,” to the more reflective, “My List,” to the patriotic anthem “Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue.” Although Keith’s career is built upon a diverse collection of songs, the man himself has never strayed from being a modern-day cowboy. He has won nine ACM Awards throughout his career, including the top title Entertainer of the Year (twice!) and this year he will be performing at the show in Las Vegas. While avid Toby Keith fans know every word to his early hit “How Do You Like Me Now?“, there are still a few things about the country star you may not know.

1. He got his break from an airline stewardess

According to Forbes, Keith was rejected by record labels many times when he first started out, even being told that his songs needed “to go back to the woodshed.” It wasn’t until a stewardess, who was a fan of Keith’s, gave the chief of Mercury Records Harold Shedd, a demo tape on a flight to Nashville that Keith finally got his first record deal.

2. He has written a No. 1 hit every year for the past two decades

His first single was “Should’ve Been a Cowboy” and with a song title like that, it’s no wonder he became popular in country music.

3. To the world he might be a major country star, but for three people, he’s just “Dad”

Keith has three children: two daughters Shelley and Krystal and a son, Stelen. Although it has always been a priority for Keith to be a family man, his country stardom couldn’t help but rub off on his daughter Krystal who is following in his footsteps as a country singer. In fact, last week it was announced that Krystal will be touring with Toby as an opening act on his upcoming Shut Up and Hold On Tour. Recently the proud dad took to the stage with his daughter during one of her shows to sing a duet that should leave all Keith’s fans counting the days ’til his next performance.

4. He has a chain of restaurants named after his hit single, “I Love This Bar”

The first I Love This Bar and Grill was built inside Harrah’s in Las Vegas, and since then sixteen locations have opened up across the country. Although it’s a restaurant, the dining experience is more of a country party than a traditional restaurant experience. With live music acts every night and a menu full of Keith’s favorite southern grub, the restaurants are real-life examples of the “Bar” Keith sings about.


image via I Love This Bar & Grill

5. He golfs every day

Despite his busy schedule, Keith told Country Weekly, “Golf every day. Get up, eat breakfast and play golf every single day. I live, two miles from the gate of my ranch is my golf course, and every day we play golf.” Keith’s golf course of choice is the Belmar Golf Club in Norman, Oklahoma and it’s safe to say he never has trouble getting a tee time because he’s the club’s owner.

6. He is an avid fan of Oklahoma University football

When the Oklahoma native was in his 20s he played defensive end in a semipro football league. His love of football and his Oklahoma roots have resulted in Keith’s loyalty to the University’s team. In fact, his private plane is painted crimson and cream, which are the colors of his beloved Oklahoma Sooners.

Tune in to the Academy of Country Music Awards to watch Toby Keith’s performance on April 6, 8/7c on CBS.

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