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“Entertainer of the Year” Nominees: Life Outside of Country Music

Aside from performing at fan-filled arenas, writing top-charting singles and earning platinum-certified records, the ACMs “Entertainer of the Year” nominees try to keep their busy lives real. Staying grounded and true to their roots is a common theme in their music. They will sing about pickup trucks, cut-off jeans, tailgating and love because those are their interests, their lifestyles. The day-to-day life of each artist may seem different than your average joe’s, but these country superstars maintain a normal attitude amongst all the chaos. On the flipside, they do still enjoy their country music journey.

Country lovers may know a lot about each artist’s success in the industry, however, there’s another whole story to be unveiled.

Find out what each “Entertainer of the Year” nominee is like outside of their musical career:

Miranda Lambert

One may assume that someone as successful as Miranda Lambert would be anything but normal. However, the country sensation insists that she is the same girl she was before she made it big and wants to be treated like so. “I like it when people just treat me normal, ’cause I’m just a normal girl. I just happen to have a really great job,” Miranda tells Country Music Is Love. “And it’s definitely different on different levels that you reach. For Blake and I, it’s not really…we can’t just go to Walmart anymore. It’s different since this…we’ve both reached this different level in our careers which is… it’s a good thing but it’s also sometimes like you can’t do normal things at certain times because you… we have to remember, ‘Oh, people think we’re famous,’ (laughs) so we have to sort of be careful about those things.”

The country songstress may not be able to make a trip to places like Walmart without being recognized, but she still stays true to the girl she was before being one of the world’s biggest country stars. Her down-to-earth attitude helped her land husband, Blake Shelton (also nominated for “Entertainer of the Year”). Even though the power couple live a busy life on the road, they still find time to live the simple life together, enjoying their favorite activities. “We love just to go [out] and go home and ride four-wheelers and hunt and fish, and we are exactly who you would think we would be, on and off stage, you know, there’s not really a difference, and we don’t have a lot to hide,” Lambert explains. “Both of us are pretty open and honest, and our fans pretty much know everything about us, and we like that about our relationship with our fans.” Also, if you pay attention to their Twitter feeds, you would notice that the two regularly enjoy date nights at home. (Find out more about their dates nights in Blake Shelton’s section below).

Besides hanging out with Shelton, Lambert loves to spend time riding her horses. In an interview with Country Music Rocks, the singer-songwriter revealed that she loves horseback riding and would love to take up barrel racing in her free time. Lambert explains to MLive: “When I get home, and I see my dogs and my farm animals and just hang out, it reminds me of what matters, and that if the fame goes away, I will still have people that I love and that love me back in my life.” Living the farm life is a great way to balance living life touring on the road.

Taylor Swift

Constantly in the public eye, Taylor Swift’s career continues to flourish. So how does she keep herself grounded daily? Swift says that she constantly surrounds herself with friends and family who are always honest with her. Swift revealed in an interview with LOOK magazine, “I don’t want people around me telling me what they think I’d like to hear. I love being surrounded by friends who are brutally honest and genuine.” Like any normal girl in her twenties, Swift likes to get together with her friends and talk about the personal stuff in life. “We talk about everything, except our work,” she explains. “It’s always about reconnecting with each other, talking about relationships, love and guys – all the basic things!”

It’s no secret that Swift writes about her life in her songs, but she has said that songwriting is her way of discovering more about herself. ”My song writing will always have a confessional aspect, because I naturally draw on my life and my stories,” Swift admits. “I don’t want to keep repeating the same things, though – you want to be able to explore those themes in different ways and have something new to say.”

In her spare time, Swift loves to do normal girly things. If you take a look at her Instagram you can see hobbies include: cooking, baking, hiking, making craftsplaying with her cat, Meredith, playing dress up, spotting her lucky number, 13 and going to coffee shops.

George Strait

‘Cowboys like George Strait sure do have have fun.’ Currently, Strait is focused on his “The Cowboy Rides Away” farewell tour as it gets closer to wrapping in May.  However, when the ‘King of Country’ is not holding a microphone he likes holding onto a fishing pole. “I love to fish. You can go hours without anything happening, and all of a sudden a big blue marlin comes into the spread and it’s cockpit chaos,” Strait tells People magazine. “My dream is to catch a grander, a 1,000 pounder.”

Strait is so invested in fishing that he has taken it on as a competitive sport. According to his official website, he says “I like to fish for bill fish. It’s another one of my passions, so I’ve been entering some tournaments here lately. For years I never entered tournaments but a few years ago, I decided I wanted to fish in some of the BBC tournaments in the Bahamas.” One of Strait’s favorite fishing moments is when he caught a 600-lb. blue marlin.

Besides fishing, Strait loves to spend time with his wife, kids and the new addition to his family — his first grandchild, George Harvey Strait III. “He’s just so special, you just have no idea until it happens,” says the new granddad. Strait hopes that one day he can share fishing memories with the little one.

Strait also enjoys practicing other sporting events, such as: golf (he opened a course in Texas with a friend) and roping (he has entered his 30th year of Team Roping Classics).

Blake Shelton

Fans who have listened to Blake Shelton‘s latest album Based on a True Story… get to know more about his personal life. According to The Boot, Shelton assures listeners that the tracks on the album are the best representations of his current life and mindset. The country crooner enjoys living a simple life on a farm with his wife, Miranda Lambert (also nominated for “Entertainer of the Year”).

As revealed in his recent single, “Doin’ What She Likes,” Shelton is devoted to enjoying things Lambert wants to do. Shelton tells People Country Magazine, “Miranda loves to sit on the couch and watch movies and drink all night, and there will be at least four dogs piled up on us.” Whatever makes his wife happy, makes him happy. When her glass is empty, “I go get her a drink,” Shelton says. “Whatever she needs. And she loves it. So that’s an easy way for me to keep her happy.” (Find out more about the couple’s life in Miranda Lambert’s section above).

Other than making his wife smile, Shelton is making the world laugh as he stars as a judge on the NBC smash-hit, “The Voice.” According to Men’s Journal, Shelton’s daily life is quite different when he films in Los Angeles. The deer-hunting lover claims, “I’m a slug in L.A. I literally leave the show, go to the house, and shut the gate. The only people’s houses that I’ve been to in L.A. are [‘Voice’ star] Adam Levine’s, [‘Voice’ star] Christina Aguilera’s, [‘Voice’ executive producer] Mark Burnett’s, and Michael Bublé’s.” When he’s not filming in Hollywood, Shelton takes pleasure in hunting and fishing on his Oklahoma ranch.

Luke Bryan

There is a lot more to Luke Bryan than his vocal and booty-shaking talent. According to Vivid Seats, Bryan’s hobbies include: hunting, fishing, watching movies, basketball, ESPN and playing the video game, Call of Duty. However, if he is not on stage performing, Bryan enjoys spending time with his wife, Caroline Bryan, and kids, Bo and Tate Bryan.

Bryan talks about the things he likes to do for his family in an interview with Good Housekeeping. “When I’m home, I try to really be home. We love to let our boys climb in bed with us at night, and we all watch TV,” Bryan reveals. “We have coffee in the morning, just Caroline and me. It’s my favorite time of the day; anytime we can have 30 minutes to talk, it’s just great.” Bryan does not shy away from sharing his love for Caroline with the world. Bryan says, “We do little nights out together. One Valentine’s Day, we got each other’s initials tattooed on our ring fingers!”

That’s not Bryan’s only shared tattoo. Bryan has a matching tattoo with friend, business partner, and fellow country music star, Jason Aldean. The two are co-owners of a hunting merchandise company called, Buck Commander. Bryan talks about the company in a radio interview with Minnesota’s Country Station, K102. “The whole story is that Jason and I are part owners of Buck Commander, the hunting show, with Willie Robertson, Adam LaRoche, Tom Martin and Ryan Langerhans,” he said. “They all had the tattoo, and me and Jason were the last ones not to have the tattoo. Now, we’ve got it tatted out and it’s official, so now Jason and I are official members ‘cause we have the ink.” Goes to show that no matter how big he gets, Bryan is good at balancing his personal life and his busy career.

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