Six ACMs Promo Videos Starring Bluke That Are Sure to Make You Laugh

Six Videos Starring Bluke That Are Sure to Make You Laugh

Calling all country music lovers! Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan will be co-hosting the 2014 ACMs and their promotional videos are a must-see.

Last year’s videos were pretty hilarious, but prepare yourself, because the this year the comical duo are at the top of their game. And you never know… maybe Bluke recruited some country superstar friends to join them in the videos?

If Bluke’s banter is a precursor to the hilarity of the show, then everyone who tunes in tune to CBS on April 6 should anticipate a night full of side-splitting jokes.

31 seconds of pure humor: Shelton, Bryan and McGraw boast about their ACMs wins. Lambert enters pulling a red wagon that carries her 15 ACMs statuettes. “It’s always a contest with you boys,” she sighs and exits the stage as the country crooners stare at her trophies. Her husband jokes, “It all goes in our house anyways.”

If you can recall back to last year’s ACMs, Bryan shed a few tears (okay, he cried) during his “Entertainer of the Year” acceptance speech. The narrator instigates Shelton to poke fun at Bryan’s tears: “Last year, they made you sing, they made you laugh, they made you cry.” The “Boys ‘Round Here” singer smirks at his co-host and laughs, “Certainly nobody cried, did they?” Bryan looks down and shakes his head with a sour look on his face, trying to downplay his embarrassment. The segment finishes with Shelton asking, “We’re just hosting, right? We’re not rescuing kittens or performing heart transplants.” Luke replies, “I signed up for hosting, that’s it!”

Their shortest video is arguably their funniest, because Bryan thinks that Shelton is stealing the spotlight. After Shelton talks about hosting the ACMs, which will feature lots of “superstar performers,” the “Crash My Party” singer is quick to ask, “Do I get to say something?” Shelton readily agrees, but before Bryan can say one word he is abruptly (and purposefully) cut off by the narrator. The relentless teasing between the two hosts is one reason we can’t wait to watch them.

“Join me and my better half at the Academy of Country Music Awards,” Blake says, referring to his co-host. Poor Lambert thought her husband was talking about her. “Aw, thank you,” she says. Shelton (standing in between Lambert and Bryan) stares back at at his wife, speechless. “He was talking about me,” Bryan grabs his co-host. Lambert just rolls her eyes. Oh, there’s nothing like the Bluke bromance.

In case you were worried that the co-hosts were going to have too much fun on the ACMs stage, this promo proves that you’re probably right. Have no fear though, Lambert and McGraw assure us that the duo will be supervised.

Caught red-handed. Bluke is ecstatic about all of the excitement from fans for the ACMs. “Here’s a tweet,” Bryan says as he reads through his Twitter feed, “OMG! Great performers. Tim McGraw and Miranda Lambert.” Shelton in disbelief grabs the phone and catches his wife and McGraw tweeting about themselves, (even though the “Highway Don’t Care” singer insists it was solely Lambert). Lambert giving her husband a hard time is pure entertainment.

Catch the duo’s brilliant banter at the 49th Academy of Country Music Awards live on Sunday, April 6th at 8/7c on CBS.

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