6 Things You Might Not Know About ACMs New Artist of the Year Nominees

Six Things You Might Not Know about the New Artist of the Year Nominees

Fan voting just opened for Entertainer of the Year and New Artist of the Year. While the Entertainer of the Year nominees have been in the spotlight for quite some time now, there’s still so much to learn about this year’s New Artist of the Year nominees, Brett Eldredge, Justin Moore and Kip Moore. Before you head over to VoteACM.com to cast your votes, find out a little bit more about these fresh faces in country music.

1. Home is where Brett Eldredge’s heart is

Although he has found his place in Nashville, the “Beat of the Music” singer loves his hometown, Paris, Illinois. Brett told Country Weekly, “I left Paris for Nashville over seven years ago, but whenever I go back, I go right back to the same conversations and the same jokes with the same people. That town doesn’t change a lot, which is the coolest thing about it. It’s a good sense of normalcy in a world that can be crazy.”

(Caption: “My dad told me “no matter how good things get, never get a big head”….sorry dad”)

2. Justin Moore brings his daughters with him on tour

Justin Moore has two daughters, Kennedy and Ella, who come on tour with him. His daughters may be fans, but when asked about what music Ella likes, Justin had to admit that his four-year-old daughter’s favorite artist isn’t her own dad – it’s fellow New Artist of the Year nominee Kip Moore!

3. Kip Moore likes to ride waves when not riding a tour bus

Before Kip Moore moved to Nashville to pursue a music career, he lived in a hut in Hawaii where he spent his time backpacking and surfing. Although he is a much busier man these days, Kip heads to the beach to surf every chance he can. “If I get three days off, I fly to the east coast and surf,” Kip tells CMT. “But then when I get a whole week off, I’ll go somewhere big, like Hawaii, Nicaragua or the Dominican Republic and surf there.”

4. Brett Eldredge learns from other country stars

Brett, who has toured with country megastars Brad Paisley and Taylor Swift, says he has learned a lot from the artists he opened up for. In an interview with Taste of Country, Brett reveals that while touring with Paisley, “I remember going and standing in the very back of these amphitheaters — way up back in the very top. And I’d go and I’d watch him … and I learned a lot about connection with fans, and how much they care as long as you let them in on your world.” According to Brett, Swift was also a great example for him to look to. “Her fans follow her every move and her every word… She’s being honest and people love honesty … the fans really do want to hear what you’re saying, and don’t be afraid to pour out your heart up there on stage, because they’ll accept it. They’ll accept it.”

5. Justin Moore is a true outdoorsman

It’s not rare to find Justin outdoors, whether he’s hunting, fishing, grilling out or spending time at the beach with his daughters. In fact, according to ESPN, Justin even went fishing in the lake in Central Park while in New York City promoting an album.


6. Kip Moore loves his fans, and don’t be surprised if you get call from him!

Kip goes above and beyond to show his appreciation for his fans, and in 2012 he released a series of videos in which he calls his fans on the phone to personally thank them for their loyalty. Their reactions are priceless.

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