23 Times Lauren Alaina Made Us Laugh Out Loud On Instagram

ACM New Female Vocalist of the Year nominee Lauren Alaina definitely knows how to have a good laugh. Take one look at her Instagram and you will be LOLing in seconds. Between hilarious and unique puns, hysterical photos and one-of-a-kind outfits, Lauren’s Instagram is filled with comedy gold. Check out some of her funniest posts below:

Don’t worry Lauren, you definitely look glamorous!

Flexing for days:

Definitely JEANius!


Does this dress make me Miss ConJEANiality? #JEANius

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Lauren Taking The Road Less Traveled:


Winter Wonderland or Winter Onesieland?


Walking In A Winter ONESIEland. #MichaelangeSNOW #SnowMotion ❄️🐢

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Very Punny Lauren!

Lauren looking FURtastic:


But FURst, let me take a selfie. #faux #NewYork

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Say Cheese!

Love can be “blinding”:

At least Santa looked happy?


Christmas this year has been a scream🎄❤ #1995

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The Grinch’s heart definitely grew three sizes that day:


Got a little "Jim Carreyed" away with the Grinch. 🎄❤

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Fa La La La La La La:

Definitely Not TuTuMuch:


Shake it like a Polaroid picture #tutumuch ?

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Lauren you are Top-(K)Notch:


"Knot" to brag, but I'm a "BUN-dle" of joy.

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Lauren’s “Squid” is pretty fresh:

Sharing is Caring:


This is the one man we would share and be totally okay with it. #Elvis

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Bull-sheep for sure:


Some people think balloon animals are just for kids. I think that's bull sheep. 🐑🐄

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Face-swap at its finest:

Lauren having a ball:


Life can be tough, but I'm having a ball. #WhereCanIBuyOneOfThese

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DANCE ON THE BAR AT YOUR OWN RISK #challengeaccepted

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Pun Level = Expert:


What did the buffalo say to his son when he left for college? Bison ✌🏼️

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Love at first sight:


You look a lot like my next boyfriend @itsdougthepug #lovehim #colorcoordinated #puppylove

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